Our History

During the winter of 1892, sixty families, who had purchased unseen farmland from a man who sold them the promise of a mild climate with incredibly plentiful land and houses ready to move into, arrived in Alamosa from the Netherlands to find that the weather was much colder than promised and only two wooden structures had been built. After surviving that first winter huddled together, many of the families moved back East but a few stayed and began to work the land. In 1904, after several families moved to the area, the Alamosa Christian Reformed Church was organized and services were held in the school house before a church building was built in 1908. In 1924, after relying on visiting ministers and elders, Alamosa CRC called their first minister, Rev Gerben Zylstra.

Since then the members of Alamosa CRC have continued to gather together, through the challenges and celebrations, to worship God through music, Scripture reading, and fellowship